New Galleries Added in 2024

Gone Country

Nature’s Spirit

My Poetry Gallery One

The Souls Calling

Just Random

My Poetry Gallery Two


Gallery One A collection of designs I created while in a deep state. I consider them to be visions, and a depth of spiritual awareness in many of them, and disturbing realities in others.

Gallery Two A collection of inspirational designs with quotes.  Feel free to use them. A credit would be appreciated.

Gallery Three Various spirit-filled designs that just came to me for what reason? I really don’t know.

Gallery Four Book Covers I designs for clients. Respectfully, the authors own the copyright. I’m not sure if the authors are still living, or if they have copies available for sale. These were created in 2000.

Gallery Five A small collection of Business Cards I designed for many clients through an online company called RVer’s Choice. The business owners own their copyright. I’m not sure if all the businesses are still in service, as these were created between 2000 - 2002.

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