I was born Judith Ann Baker, but I have been known as Judy Bertoglio; Judie Taylor; Judith Wright; and currently Judith Ingram. I took my full name ’Judith’ in 1991 when I entered my Real Estate career that spanned 30 years. I’ve been fully retired since 2020 (dues to the pandemic effect)

As of 2024, I am a mother to 3 daughters, 2 grandsons and 3 granddaughters; plus 2 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter. Having faced many challenges both great and small, I suffered many hardships along the way .... all of which has made me stronger and more independent.. I truly am grateful to be alive and well. 

My life has taught me to be courageous and confident. My hardships did not harden me.  My faith has kept me hopeful and positive ... traits that I instilled in my girls ... in which I am so very proud of them. 

Life is a journey and I have not been afraid to explore many of the opportunities and possibilities that came along the way. Life has also been a puzzle, a maze and a mystery filled with experiences and adventures, which has inspired me to write a book about some of them. Writing has always been a part of me, including a published work of nonfiction in 1990. I suppose it always shall ...

I discovered graphic design and web site building in 1996 (Century 21 being my very first site built) and have enjoyed exploring my creative side which grew into a side domain hosting and web design business. Through time, however, that business has dwindled considerably with all the free social media. From then until now (not all at the same time) I have hosted 70+ domains and built 40+ sites. I had quit designing sites at one point do to life’s situations, but in 2021 I have returned to this side of my business once again, while my domain host has always remained available.

Judith @ 70yrsI had a 30 year career in the real estate industry, beginning in 1991 with an Agents license to list and sell property that eventually turned into administration. I first started as a personal assistant to 3 multimillion dollar top producing Brokers, then advancing to an Office Receptionist and then to Office Manger.

I have lived in many States, Towns and Cities  ... having uprooted dozens of times in my lifetime ... a true roller coaster ride in every sense of the word ‘adventure’.  See My Life Travels.  Although it’s been amazing to have met people from all over the world, I am inescapably grateful that I and my daughters survived the ups and downs and twists and turns ... but more because they are so beautiful souls, strong and independent, successful and intelligent. They make this mother so very proud because they didn’t have it easy most of their growing up years. I am very blessed purely for their blessings.

Having been in Real Estate a great bit of my life, I was able to purchase seven homes and resell 6 of them for profit ... having escaped ever having to pay rent again.  Currently, I am living in my 7th home, with no plans to be selling.  In 2016 the time came to care for my mother and step father. I moved them from California to my home in Oregon. My step father passed away in 2018 at the age of 91. In January 2020 my mother went into an Assisted Living Facility where she lived a life among her own age and enjoyed until September 2022 when I brought her home. She had a stroke in January 2023 where she spent time in the hospital and then at a ReHab Center before returning home. On December 21, 2023 she turned 91 and is doing fairly good, though she’s getting more tired each day. I often wonder if she’ll reach 92 in December 2024.

 The experience of caregiving has given me a better understanding of aging ... and I dread it so!  Yet, it is a reality each of us has to find acceptance ... and when you get there it comes clearer that aging is life’s greatest challenge ...  the most depth of life’s happiest and saddest memories in all moments of times passing ... comes to light.


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