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* Sails and Rails
* Winged Passion
Captured Essence
* Fabric of Tyme

Uprooted Illusions
Glass Transitions
* Breadth of Matter

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It is a beautiful blessing to find what was once lost or forgotten, making sense of what your heart feels but could not understand.  To know deep inside our roots are intertwined and someday they will bring forth the life that is in them and produce the fruit our soul hungers for ... to be where we are meant to be among those we are part which bring us a deeper sense of who we are and our life journey.

May every day bring deep reflection and clear projection. May the heart of fireworks spark within and the display of wonder never cease ... for life holds many mysteries ... yet to be unveiled. ~ jai


The images I use have been collected from various sources, and believed to be royalty free, public domain.  No copyright infringement  intended.  Please contact me if anyone has a question or an issue with any of my designs. I would very much enjoy to talk with you.

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