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There's been many miles
I've traveled to see.

Caught a vision so utterly wild
As the stars shined upon thee.
Many evening hours passed away
To the pathways of space.

In my heart warm memories lay
On the recall of a blissful taste.
And the taste dwells upon this lady's mind Like honey dew in spring.

For the sound of music is so fine
As loved one's sing.

Singing sounds of life
Humming away the strive.

For Those
(A Vision)
For those who have a true togetherness to share,
Share heart, soul, body and mind.
Their love, freedom, and respect reflect their cares,
Throughout the up’s and down’s.
What a blessing, what a grace for these you hold,
Such treasures that link each other’s center core.
Each hope, wish and dream gently unfolds,
A real bliss washed upon the sea's shore.

For those who have had only a taste pass by,
Have but touched the pleasures high.
Then tossed back into the sea,
With all your hopes and dreams.

To reach again the shores edge,
To feel the sun rays
wash upon their lonely days.
Their faith of finding such a treasure
deeply sunk in the never.
For those of you who hear
Keep these words deeply dear
For if you are the ones who have
true love, you have nothing to fear,
Remember to always reflect
your utter most care.
For if this not the case
Don't remain in the sea to die of waste
The sun only shines its warmth
upon the shore
For those who truly seek,
the tide will surely pour.


Live and Love (A Vision)
He lived in the covered wooded hills,
He lived in a shack he built.
He lived all alone, up there on what
He called his throne.
After all he'd made it himself,
from sticks and from stones.
He loved all life, life governed by natural law.
That's why he'd moved to the hills, for natures love did call.
He could see life coming to an end,
So he went to be with his only friends.
Surrounded by trees and all the little
creatures that are free.
That's where he was, and will always be,
He'll die among them, and when he goes,
He'll take them all with
Peace of heart, love of soul, and all the wisdom he did learn to know.
Such a gentle man was he,
a man whose name escapes me.



Picture Story
Like a picture that's so fine to see,
When it's there you only think of sweet memories.
Times of softness and gentleness, a feeling of content
 You can even imagine it when it's temporarily absent.
It can remind you of sunny spring days,
Enjoying them is such a mellow way.
Wishing it could always stay.
For when it's in the air It fills you with so much care.
How can we ever tire?
This feeling of an inner higher.
Even though it makes a beautiful picture,
We can't forget it's real.
And you know, it is one thing no one can steal.
For unlike a picture Love can feel,
And if you let it, it surely will.


Listen (A Vision)
Listen to the sounds that are all around,
Their mesmerizing tones can be known.
Just feel, feel those vibrations down deep,
Where everything real seeps.
Even quiet movement can stir your mind,
Listen for everything your senses find.
Life's continues on, for life is always longing. 
Listen, and you will surely feel
Your inner most natural thrill,

And then you'll know ... you are very real.

The Blues 1977 (A Vision)
I sit here, day and night, waiting and hoping,
Feeling inside a tremendous fright.
I want to cry but I don't know for sure
Just how low is the tide?
So I sit here day and night, waiting and hoping,
Feeling a deep sigh. I just wanna cry.
At once I knew, You loved me and I loved you.
Now all I know is I feel blue,
And it seems so cruel.
For I sit here day and night, waiting and hoping,
Feeling inside this energy of yearning
As the world keeps on turning,
But I just want my heart to stop burning.

Help me feel alive again,
I truly need a friend.
I think I've almost reached my end.
 I'm reaching out, do you hear my shouts?


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