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Before The Dawn

Stars shine - Moon beams,
Flash a sign, find the seams.
Low tides - Wind dries,
Catch a ride, humble your sighs.
Where you going, what load you towing,
Open your eyes, look to the wise.
Before your downfall, listen to the call,
For the load you're towing, is just not knowing.
Winter days - Sun of fire,
Don't become a stray, reach for the higher.
Ebb tide - Heat rays,
Are you doing fine, how much must we pay?
Where you going, what load you towing,
Open your eyes, look to the wise.
Before your downfall, listen to the call,
For the load you tow, is now in the know.

The Speakers

Voices speak, speaking bold,
My ears cannot receive what is told.
Thy heart is not deceived,
For thine eyes are not believing.
What they say holds no meaning.
Their rights and wrongs bore out its screaming,
Shouting peace and doing wars of scorning.

Trumpets blast to Angels mourning,
While thine are asleep and dreaming.
A thousand-folded ways to everlasting,
Each preacher saying it's happening.

Sure can't feel times a changing,
Follow the leader games are still playing.

The flock multiples in abundance,
Locked in a stronghold trance.

Together not they follow through,
Except those who know the truth

She Rides  (A Vision)
She rode upon the snow,
Upon a horses fleece of white.

Such was her path of life,
White Light - Snowy Flight.
Alone she rode and with all she rides,
Harnessed by the reins of love.

On the trail she prevailed,
Always rising above.

Peace Within - Given and Sent.
There was darkness shining its lightness,
There was neither, nor here nor there.
Her horse she called 'Care'.
Traveling upon the snow - Deep into her soul.
She could be seen, No one saw.
Her voice was silenced, all says all.

Rainbows coloured her will.
The touch of life - Is to feel.
There was for her no escape,
Tranquility was her pursuit.

No space, no time thus hinder,
The vision unseals the sender.
She rides with all - Alone she finds.

You Are - I am
Without the fruit there would be no seed.
Without the seed there would be no tree.

For if there is no tree, then we'd not know,
The thought of a tree would never grow.
You are the fruit, I am the seed.
Can we make the tree?

But water we know is what makes
the tree grow.
Without water there would be no root.
Without the root there would be no truth.

For if there is no truth we'd not know
in which direction our branches grow.
You are the water, I am the root,
And there is truth.

But if the sun we do not know
then most of all what keeps us to grow?
Without the sun there would be no faith.
Without faith we could not taste
that what we don't know.

The thought that together we can grow,
Throughout the ages growing old.



Freedom (A Vision)
A man sits upon a hill,
Among all natural freedoms.
To become and not conceal,
All he feels beneath the sun.
Does freedom come from mountain scenes
Where rivers overflow
And birds you can hear singing?
Is this the freedom that we should know?
A man sits in prison behind jailed bars
He sees not rivers flowing
Nor birds that call, for these things are afar.
Unto his inner sight, he captures delight.
Can freedom come from jail
Where there is no open air,
Where mountain scenes fail?
Or to others only appears like he don't care.
Could it be the freeness of mind
That it matters not  where we dwell.
Maybe it comes from being kind,
So that our judgment is left behind.
Can you be free when all you see
Is people doing wrong?
Then if you're free than all there is to be
Is hearing people sing a different kind of song.
There is hills man
And there is jails man
I am a man to no name.
Then I know no words to give blame

Red skies
Sun dries
Hot cries
Roots die.
Burnt ground
Trees down
Nothing around
To be found.
Empty ways
Lost craves
Done days
What pays?
Love's gone
Rights wrong
Soundless songs
Broken bonds.
Endless ends
No friends
Sinless sins
No winds.
Days pass
Undoing’s cast
Downfall masks
Not easy tasks.

Nothing Ever Lasts


The Way
Many come who have the way
Many flock to see.
Many go and stay
And many did not agree.
Many go in search of the way
Many get strayed.
Many wanted a lot of pay
And many said it's free today.
Many, many people strung on games
Some are weak, some are strong.
Both getting blamed
For being wrong.
Where does it all end
Beyond this road of ways?
And who will get there first my friend
To tell us of that day?

 I think it best to lay aside to rest
And let the way find you.
They say patience is a gift to test
And time will undo.

Inner Most
In my mind’s eye
I see and know the real.
But my heart weeps cries
For the truth will not conceal.
My senses seldom lead me wrong
For what I feel inside.
It isn't always a pretty song
When the secret verse I find.
Who am I to think
My cup runneth over?
Or my soul could be linked
With a four leaf clover!
Then again, only stars shine
Like an image in a mirror.
In the reflection I find
My inner most fears.



End of Days (A Vision)
Flowing rivers
Rushing fast
Carrying all that falls
On down its path.
Stormy days
Blowing winds
Oh the changes
They did send.
Planting seeds
Knowing their needs
I feel inside
I've done good deeds.
Watching children play
Climbing trees
Remembering how nice
It used to be.
Meadows bursting with colour
Listening to birds sing
Yes, aging memories have
So much to bring.
Looking up into the sky
Knowing soon
I'll have to die
Crying out BUT WHY?
Winter is setting in
Days are getting chilly
Why thoughts like this
Are just plain silly.
The clouds so dark
Drifting my way
Maybe these could be
My last days.
With memories like this
Of all the times
That were my best
I'll feel so good
When they lay me down to rest.

Goin' Fishin  (A Vision)
Down by the old fishin’ hole,
Rigin' up my old fishin’ pole.
Toss in the line,
Kick back, feeling free and fine.
Time passes away,
As my pole just sits there all day.
Just having no luck,
Must be those doggone ducks!
Time to pull up my stakes,
And move on to a better place.
Down by another fishin' hole,
I rig up my old fishin’ pole.
Toss in the line,
Kick back, feeling free and fine.
Time passes away,
But my pole ain't just sitting there all day.
Really having lots of luck,
Looks like a good spot I struck.
Ain't gonna pull up these here stakes,
There just ain't no better place.

No Place Like Home

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