Judith’s Poetry

Between the ages of 22 to 25, in the 1970’s era, I began jotting down thoughts in my head, which began to form works of  poetry. Although many of my poems are inspired from my own life experiences, once I began to write many visions began to speak to me. At that time their words seemed important to express outwardly so I began to inscribe them into my journey. Each is noted as to which are not of my own but rather inspired by souls from the beyond. Recorded Material-Copyright by Judith Ingram

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May You

May your days be filled with beauty,
your nights never sorrow.
May the gentle breeze caress your back,
as you pass through every tomorrow.
May you be at one with natures touch,
in all her moods and seasons rush.
And with each year that passes,
may you experience a life of reasons to trust.

The Rose

I came upon a rose
 A rose - A rose
And the peddles all drifted to the ground
Tumbling down - Tumbling down
I knelt to gather them together and the wind came
Away – Away
And across the miles my rose peddles lay.


Sunrise Beginning - Sunset Ending

For you who came in and out of my life,
You left the scars of your carving knife.
Woe to you that had so little care,
The veil is lifted you had little to share.
You dared to engage upon my heart,
Knowing well what you would start.
Seeing love was coming to be,
Oh how you took it  so free.
You never told me you would have to leave,
You just watched it crush me.
For you came in and out of my life,
Leaving the scars of your killing knife.
A mended heart, a healing shall come,
As your life continues on the run.

So woe to you that had little to spare,
For if you did then this surely wasn't fair.
To watch me wither and suffer through,
Not even a comforting word to show you knew.
I'm past my state of blues,
It’s you who shall suffer through.


The Shelf of Worth

My soul explored the sea,
The sea of dragons.

A breath reached out for ecstasy,
The ecstasy of emotion.

I rest my mind upon the shore,
The shores of survival.

A releasing of an unbalanced cord,
The cord of struggle.

My heart folds with every tide,
The tides of direction.

To crawl under the waves of height,
The height of junction.

The body kneels to the sun,
The sun of belief.

To feel the new comings,
The comings of relief.

Cycles turn, repeat them self,
The self of rebirth.

Memories hold a place upon my shelf
The shelf of worth.


Changes (A Vision)
A young man standing all alone,
In time the reason would be known.
Deep in the darkness of his mind,
There was something he was trying to find.
Passing thoughts flowing through,
In this search to become anew.
Changes were taking place,
 His time spent seeking not of waste.
He began to learn that life is a school,
All his experiences were his tools.
All darkness unshaded from his sight,
A bright awareness had brought in the light.
In this wisdom he did grow,
In his heart and in his soul.
Where once he stood alone,
No more he ever would.



Charley (A Vision)
Charley was a simple farm boy,
Sort of shy and sort of coy.

He was at the age of eleven,
His grandpa passed when he was seven.
He'd been born and raised on this ground,
Both his Ma and him homeward bound.
His father he knew not or ever saw.
But others said he was rather tall.

Ma and him did all the chores,
They were very, very poor.
Charley walked five miles to the nearest store,
His walks were never a bore.

He'd always find something interesting on the way.
Maybe help a neighbor and earn some pay.
Charley was such fine and innocent boy,
perhaps a little shy and coy.

But he was ever so content in his own way,
Just a simple farm boy and his Ma
working hard each and every day


The Time Song
Tick Toc,
The heart of the clock ticks on.
Time won’t stop,
Everyone jumps and hops.
Without time would we be lost,
Would our life stop?
Tick Toc,
The clock captures our thoughts.
 Our time well bought.

 Nature knows no time,
Time exits in caged minds.
She sings, she sings along,
In the wind you’ll hear her freedom song.

Just Believe

I saw a vision, I knew it to become true.
People said it was but a dream,
I thought that to be cruel.
Today, my dream is real within my eyes,
And yet there is more to unfold.
Can they now say it was untrue,
When proof is so deep in the soul.
Nothing is everlasting, they say,
All will come to an end.
How sad it is they believe this way,
Having never looked around the bend.
If I had believed their faithless words,
 I'd not have lived to know the absurb


Angels of Darkness (A Vision)
Pain shaking clouds ringing,
Hover upon a misty night.
And thunder roars out its sting,
Like the snakes sleazy sight.
Desire tears through a hollowness,
Crawling deep within a hole.
Such a passion wouldn't settle for less,
Like just an afternoon stroll.
Satisfaction sets off its horn,
Blowing strongly against the wind.
Pure and righteous these weren't born,
For the secret things they sin.
Till doom come raining hail,
And lightning strikes guilt,
A paradise of pearls won't dwell
Upon the house they built

Dreams sometime come true,
Your greatest ideals you pursue.

Hopes sometimes catch sight,
Puts greatest wishes into flight.
Plans sometimes unfold,
In the waiting of what you've been told.

Illusions sometimes come true,
Visions that appear clearly through.
It's been a long time for these to appear,
It isn't easy, it's just not so breezy.

Storms arise and wash me away,
Leaving me in hiding.
‘Sometime’ isn't a great word,
For it knows not the meaning of always.

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